Visualizing Connections ⏳

Our connections fulfill us, but maintaining them all cause burnout over time, so we need to balance meaningful connections sustainably.

A mirror that uses sandflow as a form of data to visualize fulfilling connections captured through audio. Taking advantage of the prevalence of mirrors in morning and night routines to build rituals naturally.


Rapid Prototyping
Physical Modelling
Soldiworks CAD
Keyshot Visualization


14 weeks
(September 2023-December 2023)

What is the problem?

Our connections fulfill us, but maintaining them all causes burnout over time, so we need to balance meaningful connections sustainably.

What do we need?
A tool that blends into everyday life, helping you reflect, recognize, and react based on what fulfills.

What do people’s morning and night routines look like?

By understanding what people interact with when they start and end their day, I can look for intervention points to design for building natural rituals
For this, I conducted interviews and collected survey responses from people between the ages of 15-55.

Identified mirrors as a common object people use in morning and night routines

Building the story

How can people interact with this object?

The mirror acts as a collection of messages, recordings, and sounds. With every new audio sent to and played from the mirror, sand accumulates and sinks, creating a unique visualization of this data

As the sand level fluctuates over time, it stands as a reminder that you are not alone. This mirror gives such precious moments a distinct place to live, rather than amongst the many other forms of data stored on our phones. 

Design Inspiration

Taking inspiration from the works of Naoto Fukasawa and Dieter Rams, emphasizing simple and bold geometry that blends into everyday life. Focusing on playing with circles existing within squares.  

This is an object that supports a more fulfilling way of living, a tool that encourages interaction and reflection instead of forcing. 

Detail and materials Moodboard

Emphasizing the use of wood to create a welcoming and natural image, paired with lighter-colored plastic to create strong contrast and produce a clean finish.

I especially wanted to experiment with layering clean details, such as the knob over the speaker grill, sand in front of the mirror, and wooden frame around a clean white interior.

Prototyping Details

With only a few key features, each must be carefully considered down to the last detail to create a cohesive picture.

The frame’s radius size, the speaker grill design, the gap left between the mirror and the frame. These details were all decided through multiple rounds of prototypes both physical and 2-dimensional

More to come ;)

Thank You :)

Catherine Liu 2023