Seek đź‘€

Parents care deeply about their young child’s development and emotional well-being, but struggle to hold meaningful conversations due to a gap in communication between them and their children. 

Seek is a system that foster more effective conversations between a parent and their child so they can understand each other better. Using Seek, children and parents can capture their everyday memories as a starting point to share stories with each other at home. 


User Research
Rapid Prototyping
Physical Fabrication
UI Design
Soldiworks CAD
Keyshot Visualization


10 weeks
(March 2023-May 2023)

Problem Space Research

Parent Case Studies

To better understand parent-child relationships, and gain insight into their thoughts and emotions, I worked with 2 sets of parents:

*To protect participants’ privacy, all faces and names have been removed, changed, or blurred

Children Studies

To understand the minds of children, I also worked closely with developmental psychologist Dr. Erik Thiessen, and the students at The Children’s School @ Carnegie Mellon

Sketching out initial ideas

Modelling Prototypes

While I begin by exploring geometric shapes inspired by handheld devices such as walkie-talkies, remotes, and keyfobs, I soon realized that these felt too mechanical and emotionless. 

I then turned towards exploring organic forms, taking pebbles as my base and drawing my desiers features on top of them. Taking what I learned from this, I made a couple more forms, focusing on creating a balance of flat and convex surfaces.

Testing Prototypes

Throughout the design process, I would share my prototypes with the kids from the Children School and with the parents I was working with to get their feedback

During these study sessions, I could also observe first hand how they interact with the product and take notes on what was intuitive to them

CMF Design

The final Solidworks model was taken into Keyshot to explore different materials, colors, and finishes before deciding on the final choices

Thank You :)

Catherine Liu 2023