Radius BZ1 Re-imagined ⚠️

Sponsored by Industrial Scientific Corporation, we explored new and innovative ways of redesigning their gas monitoring system.

As a team, we designed a system that allows each product to interface seamlessly with each other while addressing their unique points of improvement.

I specifically focused on the Radius BZ1, looking to improve its durability and ergonomics. 


User Research
Physical Modelling
Rapid Prototyping
Solidworks CAD
Keyshot Visualization


7 weeks
(November 2022- October 2022)


John Henley
Shaoting Yan


Visiting Industrial Scientific to get a hands-on look at their products

Meet Kevin Monroe

Our user persona that guided us throughout our design process

Form Inspirations

Compact and approachable for comfortable transportation

Final Concept

with 2 modes (compact and extended), for transportation and deployment

Interim Review with ISC
Mid-project presentation with engineers and researchers from 
Industrial Scientific to validate our design proposals

Form Refinement

From here, my main focus was to develop my overall form and work out details and mechanics.

I did through through more sketching, color explorations, and full scale models.

Currently, I’m working on finishing my full-scale 3D-printed model

Thank You :)

Catherine Liu 2023