Genesis Medtech Industrial Design Intern 🩺

Genesis MedTech is committed to transforming healthcare accessibility for people who need healthcare innovation most, safeguarding the health of patients and being a catalyst of change for practitioners, wherever they are.

With a unique integration of platform and people, Genesis seeks to heal the way the medical community heals, making quality healthcare more accessible for patients globally.

During my time as a Design intern for Genesis Medtech, I...

  • Collaborated across engineering and design teams to direct and create the exterior design of a first-generation medical console currently going through production.

  • Designed and directed the console’s touchscreen interface system and design sent for development.

  • Represented Genesis Medtech to conduct international surgeon-testing sessions and provided insight used to inform
    product development.

  • Led internal 2D and 3D visualization workshops demonstrating rendering and animation techniques on Keyshot and Procreate.
  • Created videos, posters, and materials to demonstrate and showcase products to surgeons and partners during marketing conferences and user-research sessions.

My projects are under NDA with Genesis but do reach out if you're interested in learning more about my experiences!


Solidworks CAD
UX Research
UI Design
Keyshot Visualization

Graphic Visualization
Project Planning
Project Management

(May 2022-Aug 2023)

Thank You :)

Catherine Liu 2023