Color Tune: Color-Sensing Radio 📻

Color Tune is a look into new paradigms of interaction that encourages the user to engage with their surroundings in a different way.

A fully functional radio concept that uses color to tune stations and rotation to adjust for volume transforms everyday objects into exciting music generators.


Physical Fabrication
Solidworks CAD
Keyshot Visualization


4 weeks
(Nov 2022-Dec 2022)

How to Use

playful forms that invite curiosity and touch

Initial sketches for generating ideas
focusing on the radio as a tool for us to engage with surrounding environments

Modelmaking outtakes
Exploring different forms using Solidworks CAD

Final model is 3D printed with PLA and SLA, hand finished with spot putty and sanding

Electronics Prototyping
Working with Arduino and Sparkfruit sensors and boards to create a functional radio

Final Demo @ Semester Showcase

Thank You :)

Catherine Liu 2023