A collection of ideas, proposals, and curiosities of a rising senior @ Carnegie Mellon University
juggling Product Design + Human-Computer Interaction + Physical Computing 


Seeing the world through your child’s eye
A system of shared devices to record memories and share stories for bonding

Radius BZ1 Reimagined

Sponsored project from Industrial Scientific Corporation
A new version of the Radius BZ1 focusing on improving ergonomics and durability
Color Tune
A playful radio using color to change stations, changing the way we exist with everyday objects

Portable Toaster

Never forget your hot toast with this unique compact toaster design that lets you bring your toast with you wherever you go

UX + Industrial Design Intern @ Genesis Medtech Group

Transforming global healthcare by providing surgeons with more accessible tools built on innovation and care

Product Design Intern @ Teknikio

Creating approachable and imaginative project kits that help children learn about programming and building with electronics

Cookie Carrier

A cardboard carrier for transporting cookies to be shared with friends and family

Form & Interaction Exploration

How does form affect function and vice versa? A series of small explorations in form language

Thank You :)

Catherine Liu 2023